Barnes & Noble: Magical Holiday Ball

Some of my fondest Harry Potter fandom memories involve being dressed in head to toe Hogwarts gear at Barnes & Nobles, eagerly awaiting the stroke of midnight for the release of the latest book. So when I heard that Barnes & Nobles all across the country were throwing something called the Magical Holiday Ball on Friday, I knew I had to go.

Vintage Harry Potter Release Costumes w/ PrettyNerdyGirl, circa 2003

The event was definitely aimed at younger audiences which I found a little funny since most rabid Harry Potter fans are in their mid 20s/early 30s now, but quite a few adults showed up donning their Wizarding World best.

The event fell a bit flat for me and felt like Barnes & Nobles didn’t really put much effort into attracting customers, but we still had a good time walking around and talking to the other Potterheads in attendance. Some notable costumes included a Gilderoy Lockheart with a fancy moving photo book made out of an iPad, an impressive Percival Graves, and the cutest little Hermione that was clutching a stack of books.

Even though it felt a bit hokey, I hope Barnes & Nobles keeps throwing and improving on events like these that help keep the Potter fandom alive and giving me excuses to rock my Hufflepuff wardrobe (although I really don’t need an excuse do I?).


  • OMG DAT PHOTO THO! I actually recently came across a photo of the article for the newspaper that I was in from that release party. Really wish I could have made it to the one up here. Everyone’s parties looked so much fun. I’ll have to go next year!