Geek Outfits: Empire Strikes Back to the Gym

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been in the gym regularly since September. Ouch, that is a painful admission. 2016 was all about fitness for me, and I’m sad to say that with the stress of the last few months (I’m looking at you October/Novmber), I’ve fallen off the horse … including the literal horse since I haven’t been horseback riding regularly either.

Women’s Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Muscle Tank // Target // $12.99

Women’s Star Wars Leggings Black // Target // $17.99

I love wearing my nerd on my sleeve even in the gym. Inspired by the release of Rogue One, I put together this Empire Strikes Back/Star Wars workout outfit. The force is with me, and I’m ready to get back into the gym and build some lady muscles!



  • I love this outfit!! I have definitely fallen off the workout wagon myself, but I’m looking to get back on track over the holiday!

    Katie |

    • Meg

      Yes! I am SO READY for the holidays to be over so I can make progress in the gym XD