17 in 2017

2016’s days are numbered, and thank goddess for that because I can’t take another piece of bad news or unexpected celebrity death. 

Last year I sat down and wrote everything I hoped to accomplish in my Passion Planner. I’ve accomplished everything I wrote down and I’ve learned tha putting my goals out into the universe helps me to be accountable for them. 

I’m still planning out my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, but here is a list of 17 things I hope to accomplish in 2017:

1. Save $5,000 for Europe trip

2. Get fit & healthy

3. Read 12 books

4. Take an aerial hoop class

5. Complete Couch25k

6. Take a mini weekend vacation with Felix 

7. Use my planner/bullet journal

8. Try Vegan for a month

9. Stretch/Yoga regularly

10. Be more organized

11. Learn guitar

12. Get a new tattoo

13. See Britney in Vegas

14. Spend Thanksgiving in Michigan

15. Visit NYC

16. Take Ballet classes

17. Blog weekly

Share yours with me below in the comments or on your blog!